J o h n  M e d e i r o s

couplets for a shrinking world

"Twins and lovers, halves and doubles, echoes and refrains, diptychs and couplets: thus we see our world reflected and refracted in all of its complexity in John Medeiros’ stunning new collection. couplets for a shrinking world brilliantly displays how the best poetry is always two things at once, both gorgeously musical and painfully taut, imperfect bodies mirrored in liberated souls, voices divided by conflicted feeling and yet ultimately joined in a singular and empathetic wisdom."

Rafael Campo
The Other Man Was Me, The Enemy and What the Body Told

"John Medeiros’ gorgeously-rendered poetry squeezes the heart in a vise. He gives us the body in crisis, the body blooming with eros, the body grieving for blood and love, the body longing, lost, but surviving with “death calling out his name.” couplets for a shrinking world is a beautiful, bruising, collection of poems."

Alex Lemon
Happy: A Memoir and Fancy Beasts

"In couplets for a shrinking world John Medeiros has created a large and complicated world for his readers to live in. A generous book, a generous poet. How many ways can we learn about desire? How many images do we need to think and feel in new and confounding ways about love, illness, mortality, and beauty? Medeiros gives us abundance in this collection: abundance of forms to hold the abundance of his thoughts and feelings, abundance of image and partial narratives where we feel him asking: do you see what I mean? Can you see through my eyes and words the soulful, struggling, blessed life of a gay man making his way through the forests of love and loss, of medicines and fear, of heritage and the deep pleasures of being an American artist? This is a book that allows the reader to settle in. We settle in to the life and imagination of our poet-guide. We are his faithful readers. And couplets for a shrinking world rewards our faithful attention to this poet’s extraordinary first collection of poetry. May John Medeiros write many more books. I will be waiting to read them all.

Deborah Keenan
Willow Room, Green Door: New and Selected Poems

"John Medeiros offers us a beautiful and elegiac meditation about the contingent, fragile parts of experience without relinquishing a brash sensuality as the poem’s essential experience. He has found a way of exemplifying and confirming life’s pain but also its possibilities and in the intimate “universe of that moment” reminds us all of how to see—once again—the world’s radiance. These poems are memorable and necessary."

Julie Patterson
The Truant Lover and Threnody

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